Horror Book Of The Week: Devil’s Cleave

Sorry for the late posting. My personal life got in the way of my writing life.

I do have a rather interesting read for you guys, and I think that all of you should check this one out. It’s called “Devil’s Cleave” by K. James, and it has an interesting take on the classic affair scenario. This one I would put more into the category of thriller more than a horror, but it’s a great read none the less. It’s short, around 60 pages and it’s priced low to match this. I also happen to know that there will be a free promo sale from December 20th – December 24th, so I really think you guys should check her out and give her some feedback! And when a good story is being offered for free, what reason is there to say no? I will post a link at the bottom of the page.devil's Clieve

A note to my readers. First off, I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for following this blog. An extra special thank you to anyone who has picked up a copy of either one of my currently released books. It means a lot to me and for each on that is bought, it helps me to keep doing what I love as well as helping you to reach amazing and unknown authors that you probably would have never found otherwise. However, I am not a famous writer with stacks of millions I can roll in, I do have a day job. Around this time of year, my job tends to be extremely busy and 12-15 hour shifts are coming nearer as I type. Because of this, I will be unable to post any more blogs from December 22nd – January 7th, but rest assured, I will be back! With even more amazing books to show you as well as a special treat for those of you who are following this blog. If you a fan of horror (which you probably are), you won’t want to miss out on this. Until then my loyal readers, take care and have a safe and happy holiday! – K. R. Lane

To check out the awesome novella, “Devil’s Cleave” by K. James, click here

If you’d like to check out her Author’s site, as well as the other awesome books she’s written, click here

To read some of my own original horror novels, and by doing so supporting this blog, you can do so by purchasing a copy of Whispers In The Night or The Diary Of Jane !


The Death Of Net Neutrality Is The Death Of The Modern World!! Wake UP!!!

netI wish I had more pleasant news to be sharing with you, but this really shocks me by the number of people who think this isn’t going to affect them. I honestly don’t understand why more people aren’t speaking out against this. If net neutrality is demolished then it will be the death of the modern world. So here’s what I am going to do, I am going to spell it out for you, since people don’t seem to get it. If this comes to pass:

Congrats on your new Iphone, you just bought a $1000 paperweight. Snapchat, Netflix, facebook, Amazon, Youtube, you can kiss all that shit goodbye because unless you can afford to hork up an extra $300 a month, you won’t have it. Things like “Free Wifi” won’t exist because they will be eliminated along with everything else.

Ever dream of becoming an author? Kiss that shit goodbye too, because the second that shit comes into effect then the self-published author is dead. And even if people pay the extra amount to access things like Amazon, who do you think is going to pay EVEN MORE to buy a book by someone they’ve never heard of? Not to mention every way you have of advertising is also gone. FYI, this also includes Indie artist and film makers and any business that relies on the internet. Here is your answer, NO ONE!!!!!!

Are you getting mad about this yet? You should be. You should be pissed as all hell that something like this was even humored. At the bottom of this post, you’ll see a link to help stop this from happening. Too many people rely on the internet for one reason or another, whether you’re a small business owner who is barely getting by as it is, A writer who dreams of one day holding a book in their hand. Maybe you’re having a bad day and think a little music off Youtube will help. Whatever your reason is, don’t let this come to pass, stop it while there is still time to do so. Tell those corporate asshats to shove their greed right up their asses and let’s all get back to the things that are really important to us. Click here to stop this shit!

Horror book of the Week: The Haunted Story: Dead Letter

dead letters

It’s Sunday! which means it’s time for the indie horror novel of the week!!

Hello! And welcome back to World of K.R. LANE and this week’s entry is “The Haunted Story: Dead Letter” by Antony M. Copeland. This one is a rather interesting one on this list, as it is meant as a prologue for a much larger series, therefore it’s rather short. However, that is the only remotely negative I can say about this book! Copeland’s writing style is unique and the story is gripping from the first few sentences. The best way I can describe it is it has an old-fashioned horror vibe to it. I am personally looking forward to his second chapter in this story! I very highly recommend you guys check it out, and like much of my own work, this story is very price friendly at only $0.98usd! It’s a perfect read for those would a short break from the current Christmas atmosphere that we seem to be constantly surrounded by!!

The blurb on the back of the book:

“When the neighbors complain about the smell, the manager unlocks the apartment to have a look around.
What he finds is utterly horrifying.
While waiting for the police to arrive, he notices a letter pinned to the gruesome contraption that holds a body strapped to it.

Desperate for an explanation, he reads it.”

To check out the book, click the link here, The Haunted Story. To see Antony’s WordPress site, this is the one you want, Antony M. Copeland. 

For those of you out there who have a story that you want to tell, but didn’t know how to tell it, let alone write it. Well, I have good news for you, because Antony is also a ghostwriter! And as you can see by his own work, a pretty damn good one. For more details on this, and if you wish to contact him, you can do so here @ antonym.copeland@gmail.com

If you liked this post, be sure to follow this page for a new indie horror book that is added every Sunday! On here, you will also find, writing advice, creepy facts about supernatural beings as well as how I used them in my novels, and other fun and creepy things! Until then – K. R. Lane

Do you like reading horror stories? Then you might be interested in this near future possibility!

Do you like writing, reading or listening to horror stories such as the ones found on redit or creepypastas found on youtube?

Have you written one and tried to get them published, but there are just too many out there for yours to be considered? Maybe you have a short story collection that you would like to advertise, but are not sure how? This blog site may be the answers to your problems.

I am horror author K. R. Lane and I would like to start posting short to medium length horror stories on this blog site to help myself get noticed. The good news for you, is that if you are featured on this site, it helps you get noticed as well! This also means free advertising for horror authors as well! In other words, what goes around. You help to contribute to the blog and in return, it gives you plenty of exposure!

All you need to do is email   emailkrlane@gmail.com    with the subject being the title of the story you want featured and well as the credited name you’d like to be used. I believe in giving credit where credit is due! If you an author promoting a self-published collection by allowing one of your stories to be featured, a link to your book/website will be put on the story so people know where to find you if they like it! So long as you provide it! I will be adding stories of my own to this site when I have them ready. People ask me why I am doing this, and the answer is simple. This world is in truth a harsh place, and many people look to horror as a way to escape this for a little while. In short, I think it’s time writers starting helping other writers!



In the case of an author wanting to promote a self-published collection, I will also need written permission from the author in order to do so. Due to copyrights, I am not able to do this with a traditionally published author. However, as long as the story is original and unpublished, I would be more than happy to include that one along to a link to the collection you would like to be noticed. Any questions and submissions can be sent to the email that I have provided!

Horror book of the week: Prisoner of Silence

Pis Si


Prisoner Of Silence is the first horror novel done by Matthew Dickerson, who has a mind fit for the creative world of fantasy. This novel is surprisingly fresh and has an opening that alone is enough to want to keep a reader going until the final page. This is a story that I highly recommend that you guys check out!

Back of novel description:

“One will live. One will die. Choose life or death. Or the decision will be made for you.

Avita awakens to these words as she finds herself in an empty room devoid of color, scent, or sound. She is without memory of how she arrived or who is responsible. All that is offered is a weapon to confront an unknown rival awaiting her as a timer begins counting down.

Demons break through mortal flesh. Dolls once playthings for children spring to life with vicious intent. The dead of animal and human alike lash out in malevolent wrath. A crowd of people without faces strike with inhuman strength. The body and mind tortured to a breaking point. A multitude of horrors are inflicted upon Avita as she is forced to choose before it’s too late.”


For more great novels by authors that you have probably never heard of, be sure to check back next Sunday, December 10th!


Are you tired of the same old ‘horror novels?’ Then that makes two of us.

Have you been browsing the shelves of your local bookstores and all you seem to find is the same thing over and over again? The same predictable storylines with the same predictable choices and the same predictable endings? That would make two of us.

While I was writing my upcoming novel, ‘The Paranormal Project,’ I have met many horror authors that no one seems to know about. A lot of them were just as good, if not better than the big names you’d see in your average bookstore. So your probably asking yourself, “If these guys are so good, then why aren’t they known?”

The answer is simple. It’s because self-published authors simply do not have multi-million dollar resources to advertise their books, so it’s a lot harder for them to spread the word around. Many of them are amazing, but because they don’t have 1000 ratings on Amazon or Goodreads, no one wants to give them a chance. And people who are willing to try something new, because they’re tired of the same old shit that seems to come out these days, don’t know about these Authors. So I decided that I would help.

I have went ahead and made a list of some of the best horror novels that you can get, for less than $3.00usa. When was the last time you bought a book, digital or otherwise for less than $3.00? All you have to do is follow this blog, and you will know about these authors because I intend to help them share their work with you! If they have a sale coming up, you’ll know about it! If they are putting their book up for free for certain dates, you’ll know about it! It shouldn’t matter how many ratings they have, the only thing that should matter is whether the book is good or not! And if it’s free, you have nothing to lose! And most books such as these, are cheaper than the cup of coffee that you let go cold in your car this morning!! A book, that will bring you hours of entertainment, is cheaper than a cup of coffee. I know we all have different tastes, so I am going to try and bring you a new one every week! The only exception is if an author is having a promotion sale where you can get these amazing books cheaper!

I am going to stick to horror and thriller novels for the time being, but if I get enough requests for other genres, I’ll find them and share those as well!

Can’t wait to see what I’ll share with you? Check back on Sunday, December 3rd for the first book on this list of amazing reads!

Monsters – Wendigo from “Whispers In The Night”

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything and I have been promising to do this for a while. So I figured the Windigo was a great place to start.

I had first heard of the Windigo from the television show, “Supernatural” way back in 2005, and I loved the idea. I loved it even more when I looked into the actual lore that is was based off, which I will tell you in a moment, along with what I had changed to fit my story.

Original Lore surrounding the Wendigo.
In Algonquian folklore, the wendigo or windigo is a mythical cannibal monster or evil spirit native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes Region of both the United States and Canada.[1] The wendigo may appear as a monster with some characteristics of a human, or as a spirit who has possessed a human being and made them become monstrous. It is historically associated with cannibalism, murder, insatiable greed, and the cultural taboos against such behaviors.

In some traditions, humans who became overpowered by greed could turn into wendigos; the myth thus served as a method of encouraging cooperation and moderation. Also, humans could turn into wendigos by being in contact with them for too long. (Information in Italic was taken from wikipedia.com)

The Wendigo is usually described as being over 15 feet tall and being covered in fur, sometimes appearing with deer like antlers. They are also described as having glowing yellow eyes, in some accounts, they appear red.


My Wendigo

Back in 2011 when I was first coming up with the plot line for, “Whispers In The Night,” I knew right away that the Wendigo was the creature that I wanted. However, I like to write horror that is grounded in reality. Having a 15 ft monster with deer antlers that is covered in fur, that has also never been able to clearly photographed, is not realistic. I simply thought, ‘if it was dark and an 8-9ft bald monster was staring me down, it would seem pretty fucking big.’ And if seeing that traumatized a person, they could easily mistake it for being much bigger than it was.

I never liked the idea of it having fur or antlers, so I simply cut them from my version of the creature. Instead, I gave it a jaw similar to that of a bear’s snout, and eyes that were highly reflective to give it that glowing feel.

I wanted the novel to be based in Canada, for the reasons being:

1: This is where a lot of the original legends came from

2. I am Canadain

3. Canada is not primarily a northern wasteland filled with a bunch of over friendly, polar bear riding people. This is just one of my contributions to help set the record straight.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post. As always if you have any question that you would like answered, just ask away in the comments below. If you haven’t already, you can read the novel this post was based from, “Whispers In The Night,” which is available in print and on Kindle through Amazon.com.

whispers cover 2.0




I have just released my latest novel, “The Diary Of Jane,” on Amazon Kindle and in print and from October 10th until the 13th I am offering the Kindle version for free!! I am looking to obtain a few honest reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads. Tell your friends about it! I am hoping to get as many reviews as I can! So sit back in your comfiest chair, pull out your Kindle or phone and enjoy a free horror novel this October that is sure to give you shivers, even to the bravest of souls!

For the first time ever in print, K. R. Lane’s original nightmare, “The Diary Of Jane.” The story of a troubled girl, a haunted mansion, and the relentless wrath of a vengeful spirit.

19 year old, Kelley Stockman, haunted by the death of her parents since it happened three years prior. After her family inherited a mansion, she starts to experience the spirit of a little girl who appears to be trying to warn her about opening a door. Looking for answers, she uses an Ouija board to contact the other side, but instead, she unleashes the spirits of a satanic cult. Now, her only chance for survival lies in the 80-year old diary of the Cult’s final victim. The diary of Jane Worthright.

Also includes:
The first two chapters of K. R. Lane’s new novel, “The Paranormal Project”
Writing The Diary: K. R. Lane’s personal thoughts and inspirations behind, “The Diary Of Jane

New Horror for under $1.50 CND!!

jane cover 2.0

For the first ever, my original novel has been, re-written, released and made available in print!

Kelley Stockman has been haunted by the deaths of her parents that happened three years prior. After her family inherited a mansion, Kelley starts to experience the spirit of a little girl who warns her about opening a door. Looking for answers, she uses an Ouija board to contact the other side, but instead, she unleashes the spirits of a Satanic Cult. Now, her only chance for survival lies in the 80- year old diary of the Cult’s final victim. The diary of Jane Worthright.

The novel has been released on Amazon Kindle for only $1.49 CND which is only $1.19 USD! A cup of coffee costs more than this spine-chilling novel!

Don’t like Kindle? That’s okay because it is also available in print!

I have also included 2 chapters of my upcoming novel, “The Paranormal Project” as well as the Inspirations and thoughts I had behind the writing of, “The Diary Of Jane” !!

All of this still not enough to grab your interest? Do you really not want to choose between this new horror novel and a cup of coffee? Well, from October 10th till the 13th, you don’t have too. because I’m offering it free of charge!! Enjoy a new paranormal thriller this Halloween!

An Update On ‘Paranormal Project’ and a Furtutre Project

I’m sorry I haven’t been all too active as of lately, been going through a lot of personal issues as well as been really busy. So, the quick update on The Paranormal Project. Although it’s been delayed a bit (looking at September/October release), it is on its way. To add to that, I have started a side project that has been an obsession of mine for the last few years.

I have started to work on a re-write of the Lewis Caroll classic ‘Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.’ It will be completely re-written in a very dark environment and set in modern times. Depending on how it goes, it is planned to be a 5-part saga. He’s a quick summary.

“The story starts off with Alice Liddell being committed to ‘St. Anthony’s Sanatarium’ and is being questioned by her new psychiatrist, Dr. Edward Lipman. Quickly seeing that Alice is unlike any other patient in the Sanatarium, he wished to hear her story first hand.
Alice Liddell is an ordinary 21-year-old living in the slums of New York. When it comes to most in her situation, when the work week ends, it’s time to party it up, and Alice is no exception. In the early hours of the morning, Alice starts to head to her apartment, when she sees a white rabbit the size of a large dog wearing a gold pocket watch around it’s neck. for some reason unknown to her, she decided to follow it. She only loses sight of it for a second, only to find it again by tripping over it’s corpse and falling into a rabbit hole.
When she reaches the bottom, she finds herself no longer on earth, but in this Hellish like world, where the very ground she steps is covered in the skeletons of those who could not escape the four-winged creature that now flew over top of her. Alice must travel through this world of nightmares and survive not only the world itself, but also the sadistic Queen of Hearts. On her way she meets the cryptic, yet helpful Chesire Cat, the Hannibal like Hatter as well as many other classic and new characters in this twisted and new re-telling of the classic story. This is Wonderland as it has never been seen before.”

I am in extremely early stages of the story, as Paranormal Project is still my priority. However, I am expecting ‘WONDERLAND’ to be released around October 2018. As always, Thank you for your seemingly never ending support!