Movies Can Hold Value. If you Know How To Watch

I said I would do these, so here is my first one. The reason I have decided to do these is because I get a lot of ideas from watching films. And who doesn’t enjoy a good movie? Okay, you’re probably like, “Isn’t that copying someone else’s work?” The answer to that exactly is, “It’s more copying an idea someone had, who copied it from someone else, who copied it from someone else.” To my knowledge. There is no such thing in the 21st Century as an idea that has never been done before. and if you’re asking, well, what do you mean? I’ll tell you. Take the film, Now You See Me (excellent film btw). That was pretty original, right? I beg to differ. At its core, there its 2 different ideas. Magicians, and bank robbers. On their own, those ideas have been done a million times each. What the creators did is they took those 2 ideas, combined them and created something completely new. Now, do you see what I mean?

When you’re looking for ideas for your story, I like to watch a film or two, and if there is an idea in my head, I like to write this down. And when I got maybe 20-30 ideas written down, I try to combine them. I write out a page or 2 of plot and see how it looks, if I like it, then I go with it. If I don’t then I try others. Now you have your core idea, it’s what you do with that core idea that makes it different. Keep in mind, this is one of many ways to actually come up with an idea. And in due time, I will list all the ones that I know. Try it and see if works for you.



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