New Idea- Any Thoughts?

So, I was in the middle of waiting tables last night. And thought to myself, I need to reach more readers, so how do I do this? Maybe by offering more than just strictly horror novels? So, I came up with this idea about a modern day Grimm reaper named Rebecca Shaw. She would age, only a third as fast as normal humans do. And doesn’t want to be a Grimm Reaper. Has control over life and death, and can see how people will die by a single touch. I want this to be a mix of Horror, comedy, drama and fantasy. Of course, there would be people who know what she really is and it would be all about her life. Was thinking that this could even be a series. The Rebecca Shaw Chronicles. I like how that sounds. Maybe release 2 a year until it’s finished, and if possible, co-write with other authors.


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