Fountain Pens – The Ones I Use

Now, I have had a lot of questions asked since I posted my opinion on mediums about the fountain pens that I use. So, I decided to do a special post all about them, just for you guys!IMG_0007

Now, I am not endorsed by either of the companies that I use (although I should be! lol), this is just what I like and what I find works best. I will be going in order from my least favorite to my favorite as well as a little segment at the end on how to fill them.

This is my Parker Urban starter set


I wasn’t planning on getting this one, but I was only using cartridges at the time and wanted to try bottled ink. This starter set was an excellent buy and it was almost the same price as getting what I wanted on its own, so I figured why not pay a little extra and get a pen I can travel with as well. This Starter set came with a Parker black Urban fountain pen (as shown), a (57ml) bottle of Parker Quink black ink, 2 black ink cartridges, 2 blue ink cartridges, an ink converter, a cleaning cloth as well as a guide. I paid $70 for this on Amazon.

Now, even though this is my least favorite, that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, I just like my other ones more. When I got this set, I wasn’t really getting it for the pen, but when I got it, the pen was far better than I expected it to be. It writes fairly smooth and it’s comfortable to hold. What I don’t like about this pen is that it is made from a firm plastic and has no real weight to it at all. It feels a little odd to me, and I also don’t like the nib style of this pen, because it’s smaller you need to put a bit more pressure on it in order to write properly. The nib on this pen is a ‘Medium’ nib, but truthfully I find that it writes closer to a “Fine” than a “Medium.” With that being said, it is an excellent starter kit, and if you’re thinking about getting a fountain pen for the first time, this is the one I would get. It’s not expensive, and it gives you both options of a cartridge and bottle so that you can find out which you can like better.



This one here is my Parker IM Premium Twin Chiseled Fountain pen


This one is the newest pen to my collection, and I was very happy with this pen. I use this one mostly as a backup to my two main pens, mostly for when they’re being cleaned. This pen came in a standard Parker box with 1 blue ink cartridge. For being a chrome pen, I found it to be rather light, but with that being said it is very comfortable and much easier to write with than the ‘Urban’ is. This pen nib is classified as a ‘Medium,’ but I found it was closer to a ‘Bold,’ and is the boldest writing pen that I have. You can get one of these bad boys for around $65



This is my Parker black Monochrome fountain Pen with 18k gold nib


There are almost no words to describe how much I love this pen! It was an early birthday present to myself – I know me so well!- and the only thing I own with gold in it. It has a bit more weight to it than the other two pens I talked about, and it feels extremely solid in your hands. The ink just seems to glide from this ‘Medium’ nib and no pressure is needed at all to write with the clarity that I like. The 1, and the only reason that this pen is not my favorite is because the pen itself is a little wide for my liking. It comes with an ink converter and a pack of 5 black ink cartridge refills as well as it came in a beautiful gift box. In the box, it also came with a cleaning cloth and a dust cover for the pen. Due to its price, I would only get this pen if you really like writing with fountain pens. It ran me $360. I regret absolutely nothing!


And this was my first, and favorite fountain pen. My Cross polished chrome Townsend.


This one is a lot like my Parker Monochrome pen. Solid weight, writes flawlessly, and best of all, it was close to half the price of The Parker monochrome. It came in a wooden gift box with 2 ink cartridges. This pen may also be engraved if you wish, and it won’t fuck up the pen. I plan to do this with my name on the cap. This is also the pen I used to write The Paranormal Project. The price of this stunning pen is $180.

Now, as promised, I will post a bit on how to work them for those who are wondering.

To use an Ink bottle, you will need your pen and a converter (usually under $12) mine are all push in (although depending on the pen, some screw in). You simply dip the nib of the pen into the ink bottle and suck up the ink with the converter. Afterward, you clean the nib with a lint free cloth.


Ink cartridges are even easier to use, but if you write a lot, it can rack up a pretty penny fast. You simply open the pen and push (or screw) the cartridge in. put the pen back together and you’re done!


On the left is a pack of standard Parker Quink cartridges (also shown in pen), and on right is a standard pack for Cross. Both packs will run about $7 each. With a bottle of Parker Quink (57ml being standard), will run you around $11. About 1/2 finished my first bottle and I have gotten around 7 refills so far, and the converters (when full) hold around 1 1/2 times more ink than the cartridges. Sometimes you even run across good deals on the ink when you buy in bulk. I got 24 (30ml) bottles for $100. Because I write a lot and this will last me a while! Normally I would have spent close to $135 to get the same amount, and I still get over a half bottle more this way!


Standard size on left (57ml), mini on the right (30ml) all prices were listed in Canadian dollars.

Did you guys like this review? Did you have any questions that I haven’t answered? Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “Fountain Pens – The Ones I Use

  1. When I started working at the Land Registry office in 1975, we had to use those pens. We wrote the entries of the Land titles in the log books. I liked using them but cleaning was a nightmare. Lol


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