An Update On ‘Paranormal Project’ and a Furtutre Project

I’m sorry I haven’t been all too active as of lately, been going through a lot of personal issues as well as been really busy. So, the quick update on The Paranormal Project. Although it’s been delayed a bit (looking at September/October release), it is on its way. To add to that, I have started a side project that has been an obsession of mine for the last few years.

I have started to work on a re-write of the Lewis Caroll classic ‘Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.’ It will be completely re-written in a very dark environment and set in modern times. Depending on how it goes, it is planned to be a 5-part saga. He’s a quick summary.

“The story starts off with Alice Liddell being committed to ‘St. Anthony’s Sanatarium’ and is being questioned by her new psychiatrist, Dr. Edward Lipman. Quickly seeing that Alice is unlike any other patient in the Sanatarium, he wished to hear her story first hand.
Alice Liddell is an ordinary 21-year-old living in the slums of New York. When it comes to most in her situation, when the work week ends, it’s time to party it up, and Alice is no exception. In the early hours of the morning, Alice starts to head to her apartment, when she sees a white rabbit the size of a large dog wearing a gold pocket watch around it’s neck. for some reason unknown to her, she decided to follow it. She only loses sight of it for a second, only to find it again by tripping over it’s corpse and falling into a rabbit hole.
When she reaches the bottom, she finds herself no longer on earth, but in this Hellish like world, where the very ground she steps is covered in the skeletons of those who could not escape the four-winged creature that now flew over top of her. Alice must travel through this world of nightmares and survive not only the world itself, but also the sadistic Queen of Hearts. On her way she meets the cryptic, yet helpful Chesire Cat, the Hannibal like Hatter as well as many other classic and new characters in this twisted and new re-telling of the classic story. This is Wonderland as it has never been seen before.”

I am in extremely early stages of the story, as Paranormal Project is still my priority. However, I am expecting ‘WONDERLAND’ to be released around October 2018. As always, Thank you for your seemingly never ending support!


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