Movies Can Hold Value. If you Know How To Watch

I said I would do these, so here is my first one. The reason I have decided to do these is because I get a lot of ideas from watching films. And who doesn’t enjoy a good movie? Okay, you’re probably like, “Isn’t that copying someone else’s work?” The answer to that exactly is, “It’s more copying an idea someone had, who copied it from someone else, who copied it from someone else.” To my knowledge. There is no such thing in the 21st Century as an idea that has never been done before. and if you’re asking, well, what do you mean? I’ll tell you. Take the film, Now You See Me (excellent film btw). That was pretty original, right? I beg to differ. At its core, there its 2 different ideas. Magicians, and bank robbers. On their own, those ideas have been done a million times each. What the creators did is they took those 2 ideas, combined them and created something completely new. Now, do you see what I mean?

When you’re looking for ideas for your story, I like to watch a film or two, and if there is an idea in my head, I like to write this down. And when I got maybe 20-30 ideas written down, I try to combine them. I write out a page or 2 of plot and see how it looks, if I like it, then I go with it. If I don’t then I try others. Now you have your core idea, it’s what you do with that core idea that makes it different. Keep in mind, this is one of many ways to actually come up with an idea. And in due time, I will list all the ones that I know. Try it and see if works for you.



Editing Your Work

This post is a little out of context because, I said I would post on how to write, and this is certainly part of that, but it is one of the final steps. I would prefer to go in order, but this is the stage I’m on with Paranormal Project and it has been on my mind a lot. Also, this should give people a pretty good idea that I actually know what I’m talking about.

So, you’ve finished your manuscript, your story is complete, what do you do next? It’s time to publish, right? Wrong. You need to edit your work. Make sure that this is the story that you are trying to tell. I made this mistake with Diary of Jane. You need to go through your work and make a 2nd, and a 3rd draft. Sometimes more. Why? Because you miss shit. You type it wrong. Sometimes you start going with one idea and then change your mind and go with another and forget to fix it. Don’t be discouraged, it happens to everyone on almost everything that they write. This is especially true if your story is long and takes a long time to write, or a very short time to write. This step is very important and is the most annoying part of writing. Why? Because now you need to be anal with your work. you need to chop it up, extend it and rewrite it. Only then will you have the story that you want to tell.

Okay. You have just finished your fifth draft. You’re done, right? You’re ready to get this baby published, right? Wrong again. Now that your done self-editing, you need someone to edit your work for you. Why? Because no matter what, you are the author of your work. Your mind will see things that a reader will not see, and same goes for what the reader will see. No matter how good you are or how big your name is, you will NOT be able to catch everything. I know, I have tried. I know what you’re thinking after reading that last sentence. “Isn’t this guy contradicting himself? I mean, he says you need an editor, but then he just said he tried to edit his own work?” This is true, because as some of you may already know, finding a good editor isn’t a simple Google click away. It can be, but you better have money flowing out of your asshole if that is the route you take. I found that the average editor runs anywhere from $3000-$8000 for a novel the size of Whispers In The Night. That is a 70,000 word novel, most are bigger than that.

So, if you’re like me, you don’t have a spare $8000 lying around that you can spend on an editor for a book that may never make any of that back. Now, if you decide to self-publish(more on this at a later time), there are some packages that include editors and it won’t run you that much, but it still isn’t affordable. So now I have given you 2 possible options. Here is the 3rd. Find someone who will willingly edit your book. This is a common suggestion by many authors, and it is also something that I recommend. Let’s dig into this a little more, shall we? A lot of authors and a lot of writers say, find someone who is unbiased to edit your work. I’m gunna horseshit on this one. Now, I know sometimes you get lucky and find someone who will work out, but most times, you won’t. Why? Because honestly, they don’t give a shit. You and your work DON’T mean anything to this person, so why would they finish it if there is little or no gain in it for them? With Diary of Jane, I went through 23 editors and another 4 with Whispers In The Night.  Making a total of 27 different editors. So here is what I suggest and what I did. Ask someone who you believe can do it, who is biased towards you. This could be a close friend, your mom, your dad, a close co-worker, your boyfriend or your girlfriend. Why? Because they DO give a shit about you and your work! They want you to succeed, they want you to make your dream a reality. And they will do their very best on their part. Will it be perfect? No, probably not. But it’s a lot better than what you had before they did it. I admit I was uneasy about doing this, but since doing this, my books have never been praised or loved more.

As always, if you’d like to leave a comment or have any questions for me, please feel free to do so below.


Whispers In The Night Free offer

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Welcome To My World


As a lot of you coming to this blog site for the first time will already know, I am K. R. Lane, the writer of the horror thriller novels: “The Diary Of Jane,” “Whispers In the Night,” and the upcoming novel, “The Paranormal Project.”

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Here is what you don’t know. I am also an everyday worker, just like most of you. I work as a restaurant server In Niagara Falls, mostly working the midnight shift. I think the single biggest question I have been asked is, how can you do what you do? The truth is, there is no simple answer. And the reason I have started this blog is I want to help other writers out there. Not just the ones who are trying to be the next Stephen King, Anne Rice, Lee Harper, but the ones who also don’t even know where to start. And I know what you’re probably thinking. “I have read a million, ‘how to write books,’ a million, ‘this is how I did it,’ books, and a million blogs on the same subject. I know, because I have, and I know something else. Most of them are fucking useless. The only one I have read with useful information in it at all is, ‘ON WRITING: A MEMOIR TO THE CRAFT- Stephen King.’ I highly recommend that you guys check it out.

I told myself if I was going to do something like this, I wanted it to be useful, honest and uncensored. Because of this, there will be a few times where what I put stuff on here that may offend or upset a few people, especially new writers. Trust me, I have been where you are, and this is not my intention. This world can be a nasty fucking place at times, and it doesn’t always work the way that you want it to, but truthfully, you already knew that. I am telling you this so you know what to expect, so that it’s not a punch in the face when it happens. Because I, like you, am not Stephen King. I am not Anne Rice. And I am certainly not Lee Harper. I am K. R. Lane, I am still trying to get my novels out there and reach as many readers as I can, admittedly,  these blogs are a way of doing that. With these blogs, I not only want to tell you what I write, but also how I write. What I have found works and what doesn’t. If there is a way I have found to do something, even if it hasn’t worked for me, I want to tell you what that is, because you’re not me. It might work for you. And I want to share the story behind the stories with you. These will not be edited. And unless it’s someone’s name who doesn’t wish to be mentioned, these will not be censored. These will be the truth, and nothing but.

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